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  Contact Information

Fr. Kevin Stockall

THE RECTOR PLANS TO BE AWAY until Tuesday, June 26. If you require the ministry of a priest or have any pressing parish matter that needs to be dealt with during this time, please contact the appropriate people listed below (highlighted in red.)

Priest & Rector:
The Revd. Canon Kevin M. Stockall, B.A.(Hons), M.Div.
Home 454-0245 | Office 472-4661 | Cell 461-7685

Pastoral Assistant:
Rick Bungay —

For emergencies only (when Fr. Kevin is away):
Canon Ross Hebb at 454-8752 (office) or 450-9687 (home)

Mailing Address:
780 McEvoy Street
Fredericton, NB
E3A 3B7

Church Wardens:
James McElman — 472-2649
Thomas Geburt — 357-5894

Sexton: Cathy Lirette


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